No matter how important the traditional financial service facility is, it is still plagued by many problems. The main source of the problem lies in its centralized operation mode, which makes the individual’s economic freedom deprived to some extent.

DeFi is decentralized finance. It has the ability to solve many problems of the traditional financial system through peer-to-peer finance. It is a landing scenario that perfectly fits the characteristics of the blockchain (decentralization, openness, anonymity, trustworthiness, and value transfer).

DeFi is the first real application in the decentralized world after Bitcoin. We firmly believe that DeFi will step out of the Crypto circle one day and become the trend of open finance!

As of the end of July 2020, there are about 5 million users of digital assets in the world, of which about 50,000 DeFi users, accounting for only 1%. As of August 9, 2020, the value of digital assets composed of DeFi is approximately 29.3 billion yuan, which is equivalent to approximately 1.13% of the entire encrypted asset market.

The KING365 team members have been deeply involved in the blockchain for a long time, and they have a keen insight into the industry and a practical spirit. We have always firmly believed that everyone should have equal access to high-quality financial products and services.

KING365 is a DeFi distributed intelligent financial circulation system based on the TRON public chain. The core team comes from top fund companies such as Blackstone Group, KKR Group, Bridgewater Associates, Millennium Partners, etc. , And international institutions such as Prudential Group, JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, and Wells Fargo Bank. From nearly a hundred typical cases such as listings and mergers and acquisitions, to the baptism of global financial crisis, they have been on the battlefield and are famous far.

KING365 adopts the business model of storage, circulation, and mining. All logic is pre-programmed into smart contracts and stored on the chain. There is no central account, no trader, 100% transparent and open source; the system cannot be tampered with, hackers cannot attack, and the network will never be shut down, everyone Fair and free from any third-party control.

In the KING365 ecosystem, all users only need to bind their USDT wallet address to participate in the first 100% decentralized DeFi financial circulation in history, and obtain circulation rewards. Low threshold, zero risk, high returns, and transparent rewards. expected.

At present, more than 500,000 players in 23 countries around the world have participated in the KING365 smart contract, and more countries will participate in the future. The daily increase of 10,000+ users will quickly advance the global consensus of KING365 and improve the KING365 smart contract in the block The global position of the chain industry.

KING365 is not only DeFi, but also focuses on Define The DeFi Future. KING365 has launched a large-scale ecological strategy to link the real world and the digital world. In the future, KING365 will be upgraded to a DeFi financial public chain to support the development of various DeFi derivative applications on the chain, such as the KING365 Pay synthetic asset platform, the KING365 Game NFT protocol, and the integration of financial services such as lending, insurance, stable coins, banks, and hedge funds. KING365 Finance.

The new financial species KING365 smart contract is opening a new paradigm of decentralized finance, promoting global economic circulation and short-term capital flow, saving the global economy that has been hit hard by the epidemic, and creating a new lightweight, open and free financial that everyone can participate in world.

With the gradual expansion of the global consensus, we firmly believe that KING365 will quickly get out of the crypto circle and spread to hundreds of industries, redefining the infinite possibilities of decentralized finance.

KING365 is determined to become a leader in the implementation of blockchain + smart contract applications, and build a strong ecosystem around smart contracts + financial industry digital capital to detonate a new wave of assets.

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