The company’s latest offering provides expert coaching in their proprietary NeuroDynamic Breathwork modality. These innovative breathwork workshops combine a scientifically developed breathing technique with specially curated music sets and a unique facilitating setup, ensuring a safe space for physiological and emotional release.

NeuroDynamic Institute’s newest breathwork teacher training program is specifically developed to empower individuals to become confident breathwork facilitators in just six months. The program provides all the necessary resources and support to help participants succeed in their journey.

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The announcement emphasizes the Institute’s dedication to making its program accessible to individuals across the US and beyond who are interested in supporting the healing and personal development of others. This includes professionals such as therapists and wellness practitioners, as well as individuals seeking a career change or personal growth. The course spans a duration of six months and is conducted via the Zoom video conferencing platform, ensuring convenience and flexibility for participants.

The program offers a comprehensive curriculum, comprising 350 hours of exclusive learning content. This unique curriculum is designed to provide participants with a diverse range of knowledge and skills to excel in the field of breathwork facilitation.

A 2022 survey of subscribers reported impressive user outcomes with an 89% success rate in dealing with anxiety, 67% for depression, and over 53% seeing improvements in their romantic relationships. In addition to its physiological regimen, the program promotes self-awareness and a greater connection between the body and the mind.

Aspiring practitioners who join the breathwork training have the opportunity to personally experience the transformative power of NeuroDynamic Breathwork practice. They can also benefit from the program’s cutting-edge personal development component, which constitutes one-third of the entire program. The course developers strongly believe that addressing one’s own personal growth is essential for becoming an effective facilitator. Previous participants of the course have expressed that this component has been one of the most significant personal development trainings they have ever undergone. They have witnessed improvements in their personal lives and relationships, becoming better human beings as a result.

All NeuroDynamic breathwork sessions are accompanied by a specially-designed soundtrack, enhancing the overall experience. The course also provides instruction on how to properly set up the music to optimize the breathwork sessions.

The course culminates in certification for participants to facilitate both online and in-person Breathwork sessions. Subscribers get to experience the program’s unique non-directive approach to facilitating breathwork sessions. Enrolees will join study groups for the time of the program and participate in the Alumni network once they have graduated.

The NeuroDynamic team offers industry-leading support with tips and resources on how to start one’s own practice including access to the legal document templates needed to start out as an independent breathwork facilitator. The ethics of practice are also covered as part of the course alongside key facilitation skills, workshop techniques, and how Breathwork fits into an overall health and well-being plan.

About NeuroDynamic Institute LLC

Founded by former pharmaceutical management executive Michael Stone, the company has grown exponentially since its inception in 2009. The modality is based on years of personal practice and scientific research and is evidenced by the thousands of happy breathers that have tried the workshop.

A spokesperson says, “Lead a worldwide wave of transformation with us. The next online Breathwork training begins on September 2nd, 2023.”

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NeuroDynamic Institute LLC

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